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>> my husband and i were there, we were stunned, amazed and and we said, gosh, nicky, we're going to have to lets you go. that's your legal obligation as employer. >> reporter: that's how meg whitman recalled on what happened in june 2009 when her housekeeper revealed after nine years of employment she was an illegal immigrant. her housekeeper nicky diaz remembers that day this way. >> meg, please, can you help me? [ crying ] >> and she was very upsets and said, no! and you don't know me and i have never seen you. and you have never seen me, she yelled, understand me? >> reporter: whitman's campaign immediately fired back at the accusations with these documents provided to whitman and the employment agency she used. the campaign says these are the job applications where diaz says she is eligible to work in
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the united states and her real- looking but fake social security card and driver's license. >> nicky was a friend of our family for nine years. she was in many ways a member of our sended family. i feel badly for her. she is being manipulated and i'm sorry about that. >> reporter: the democratic candidate for governor jerry brown responded, after more of a year whitman demanding immigration policy that holds employers accountable we learn that accountability doesn't extend to her own objections. >> who should be held responsible here? and do you feel that you bear any responsibility? >> as soon as we found that she was an illegal immigrant, then we actually did what we had to do as employer was to let her go. >> anytime one of these illegal people, undocumented, commits a crime or is arrested, they will be subject to deportation. >> you know, last night jerry brown said illegal immigrants who break the law should be deported. why you can't make that same commitment? >> i'm going to leave it to the i.c.e. authorities. they are going to decide whether they think that she should be deported or not. okay. thank you.
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>> she treat me... [ crying ] >> ... as if i was not a human being. i'm doing this because i know there are a lot of megs out there. [ crying ] >> who are mistreating the nickyings who work so forward for them. >> reporter: if whitman fired her in june of last year, why didn't she say anything until now with this press conference today? we asked whitman that and she said she didn't want to make an example of diaz. now, whitman denies ever knowing that her housekeeper's legal status was illegal until that day last summer. but here's the rub. the big problem is, if she knew ahead of time, she is on the hook for that as employer who doesn't investigate what's going on with her employee's documents. whitman said she didn't know until that day. the housekeeper's lawyer says there is a document dating back
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to 2003 that proves that whitman knew and didn't do anything about it. so if that document becomes available we have a whole 'nother story but nobody has seen that document as of now. >> that letter may be hard to come by. if it's not public information, it's hard to come by. >> reporter: the lawyer says she has it and she hasn't provided it. >> thank you. a lot of you have sent us comments about this story. we are going to show them to you in just a minute. but a trend among said comments is the source of the story itself. that would be gloria allred. normally the attorney doesn't tread in political waters this deep. she sure did today. a little later we'll take a look at allred's career from the nipple rings to the scott peterson trial coming up at 6:30. well, a late ruling by the state supreme court today will prevent california's first execution in nearly five years. convicted killer albert greenwood brown was scheduled to be put to death tomorrow but
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justices unanimously denied a request by the state to begin using new procedures for lethal injection. now the state won't be able to execute brown until next year. that's because california's supply of a lethal injection drug expires on friday. and a new supply is not due to arrive until next year. the federal judge who ruled california's gay marriage ban is unconstitutional is stepping down from the bench. district judge vaughn walker notified president obama by letter that he will leave the court in february. walker is retiring after 21 years as a federal judge. the 66-year-old has been chief judge of the northern district of california since 2004. he did not state in the letter his reason for stepping down. another tough day for the city of vallejo. a large employer says that it is shutting down a plant that has been there for decades. sherry hu on what the future holds for dozens of workers there. >> reporter: one of the workers
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says nothing is definite but he hopes to learn more over the next couple of days about a possible transfer to another location. in the meantime, the countdown is on with less than three weeks to go. reporter: there is nothing bubbly about a soda plant closing down. ronald bailey started here in 1973, almost 40 years ago. he says his next step is to collect unemployment. >> this is like my second home. i mean, actually i probably spend more time here than did i at home, you know, with all those years. so i don't know, just, you know, just go on and see what happens. >> reporter: besides being a second home, this 7 up site has made its home here in vallejo for more than 50 years. it was taken over by dr. pepper snapple in 2006. workers say they were given notice of the closure a month ago. ed tanner has 17 years on the job and today, he got a little emotional. are you worried? >> uhm, a little bit. yeah. >> reporter: about what? >> well, just, you know,
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hopefully they will relocate me somewhere. [ voice shaking ] >> reporter: tanner says he wants to transfer to the petaluma plant. there are also facilities in sacramento and san leandro. he doesn't know, though, how many of his more than 90 coworkers will be able to stay with the company. >> i think it's going to be pretty hard for some of these people. you know? not having a job and they have been here a while. some of the people been here eight, ten years may not have jobs. >> reporter: the texas-based company emailed me a statement saying, quote, we have made the difficult decision to close our branch in vallejo effective october 18th. our warehouse and distribution operations there will be consolidated into other local sales-distribution branches. the statement also says those who don't move will get severance. and that means more unemployed in vallejo where the latest jobless rate is at 14.7%. however, the mayor says mare island will get busy once dismantling of the mothball fleet begins.
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still, the plant has been a part of city's history. and soon, a chapter will close. >> hate to see it go, but, you know, things do change. so just got to go on. >> reporter: i read the company is putting the building on the market and sure enough we were here earlier. we left and when we came back, that sign had been put up in just a matter of hours, dana. so for anyone who wants a piece of history in vallejo, here it is. >> boy, still couldn't be tougher times for that city and the people in it. all right, sherry hu, thank you. well, in the old days, some cash could make your tickets go away. looks like the old days are still around. bay area official accused of taking bribes. there is an easier and more legal way to pay your ticket. how your phone can become cash and save you some hassle. and a breakthrough in the fight against attention deficit disorder. what it might mean for kids and their parents.
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ma'am, can you identify the other airline that charged you bag fees? that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪
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it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip. [ gasps ] oh! ah! ♪ [ ding ] traffic ticket isn't easy. but investigators say two clerks at the fremont hall of justice made it too easy for some people. investigators say twocally, at the fremont hall of justice made getting out of tickets easy. mike sugerman says those employees are accused of taking cash to make those tickets go reporter: the fremont hall of justice hadn't had a very good reputation to begin with.
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two years ago, we told you about the sometimes year-long wait to see a judge about a traffic ticket and 12-hour wait just to get an appointment. >> crazy. a. >> absolutely usingless. >> reporter: now there are allegations that two clerks in this building used their position to make people's experiences cheaper and easier. >> they would take cash payments roughly one-third or two-thirds of what they would have normally paid in exchange, they would clear that person's traffic violation. >> reporter: juan francisco hernandez and felix chavez are charged with embezzlement and grand theft. hernandez is also charged with solicitation and bribery coming, officials say, after a woman tipped off deputies and they set up a sting. >> this is very unusual and we take allegations like this quite seriously. these clerks are in the public trust and anytime that public trust is violated, we're going to investigate it and if the crime has been committed, you're going to go to jail. >> reporter: people here understand the anger and frustration some people may have to go around the system although no one would say they would give
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a payoff. >> i'm frustrated enough as it is, you know, like if it weren't against the law of course i would bribe. but, you know, i'm not like that. >> i guess i'm kind of a nerd. i just really want fairness and what's right. >> reporter: there could be others out there who didn't play by the rules. if there was special treatment a paper trail could find those who paid off their tickets and the investigation continues. they are looking into that and they say it could have gone on for at least a month, maybe longer. the authorities are looking at the paper trail. there were several people who may have been used their -- paid bribes to get out of the tickets and if you did that, you are guilty of a crime and they say they are going to come after you. >> wow! okay. we'll keep an eye on this one. mike sugerman, thanks. well, if you have to pay a traffic ticket in palo alto, you might want to join bling nation. sounds fancy but thuy vu found
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out it's a simple stick their gives your cell phone the power of cash. -- a simple sticker that gives your cell phone the power of cash. >> reporter: bling a high-tech innovation for old-time transactions at palo alto city hall. you don't need cash, checks or credit cards to pay for things like utility bills and parking tickets. with a phone and this sticker containing a microchip, the payment is taken straight from your paypal account. >> just an easier way for people to pay their bills. i have used it myself and it seems relatively easy to do and to understand. >> reporter: just about everyone carries a cell phone these days. bling turns it into a mobile money machine. all you need is a bling patch on the bag and then tap it on this thing call a blinger and just like that, the transaction is done. almost immediately, you get a text message about how much you spent. palo alto is the first city in california using the technology at city hall. and saving money. that's because bling's fees are
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half of what credit card companies charge governments and businesses. >> right now ranges anywhere from 2 to 3.5% depending. really super outrageous. we spend thousands of dollars a month on credit card fees. >> reporter: that's why ku pa cafe and nearly 100 other local businesses have become part of bling nation a startup that's based in palo alto. >> everything is exploded around the phone. the phone has made everything efficient. yet the payment is something that you still keep in your wallet. >> reporter: the service will expand soon so san jose and san francisco will be part of it and unlike credit cards this tag sends messages about one- time deals and rewards. customers love not to have to fumble around for cash and plastic. >> a new way to spend your money. >> faster, hipper, quicker. >> reporter: easier than using an app. imagine that.
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in palo alto, thuy vu. cbs 5. a woman accused of vandalizing more than a dozen cars in the bay area appeared in court today. investigators say that nancy chi ni scratched three luxury cars at westfield valley fair mall in san jose on saturday. this is the seventh time she has been arrested in three months on the same charge. all the damaged cars are mercedes or bmw. she is being held on $1 million bail. closing in on the cause of adhd, that's in two minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. dozens of bay area daycare centers shut down for the day, to show what could happen if a hello, good evening, welcome to our cbs 5 weather center, where we have been monitoring today's temperatures. a 19-degree drop today in the
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city by the bay. primarily, what you're looking at right there that little finger of low clouds and fog that's worked its way underneath the golden gate bridge now making tracks towards the eastern portion of our district. and that will make a huge dent in our temperatures for our inland areas for thursday. this is san jose, where today's high temperature was in the 90s. currently we have tumbled back to 86 degrees with a northwest breeze 12 miles per hour. out and about this evening, if you are heading to the giants game, make sure you have a jacket. currently, 63 degrees at the ballpark. that's a big difference than yesterday at this hour where we are at 78 degrees. here you have it, the areas of low clouds and fog projected by our pinpoint forecast to scoot all the way inland at least a good 60 miles by tomorrow morning's sun yet, which is at 7:03. then clouds begin to retreat and as they do so, the cooler air mass aloft is driven by a westerly wind 10 to 15 miles per hour knocking back those temperatures.
6:19 pm
so tonight, after lows in the 50s to 60 degrees in concord, 63 mild in san jose, we are going to bring down the numbers. 72 san mateo, 83 santa clara. out of the 90s into the mid- 80s in san jose. 67 forecast high in berkeley. we'll have the sunshine. and the temperature would drop from 101 in livermore to 90 degrees. you will feel the difference. 88 in concord. bodega bay with little sunshine at 61 degrees. mid-80s around sonoma through willow glen. your extended forecast does call for seasonal temperatures by friday in through saturday, dropping back that number on sunday. then the temperature will go up tuesday and wednesday especially inland. more on your neighborhood pinpoint forecast coming up next time around. >> thank you. dozens of bay area daycare centers shut down for the day to show what could happen if
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the state budget isn't signed soon. parents, kids, providers all marched to the federal building in downtown oakland to call attention to the human toll of the budget crisis: about 2500 children go to the child care center and parents say without them they might lose their jobs. >> i have to get a babysitter who is going to maybe quadruple or six times the amount i'm paying now. >> the nonprofit that runs the center says it hasn't received subsidies since july and will close in november. it used cash from its advocacy budgets to make it. shirts and signs. a study is make every shedding light on adhd. the findings should take some misguided pressure off of parents. so dr. kim mulvihill, you have the latest. this is really great news. >> we really do hope it's going to change some of the stigma around here.
6:21 pm
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects roughly one in 50 children. it's common neuropsychiatric condition makes kids restless and easily distracted and impulsive. reporter: for the first time, scientist have direct evidence attention deficit hyper activity disorder, or adhd, genetic. this woman's son was diagnosed with adhd in kindergarten. >> i cannot control myself that much. and i kind of get in a lot of fights. my anger pops up. i always try to make it so i don't use it. >> reporter: at ucla they got life changing medication for jonathan. >> jonathan is -- was medicated going into first grade. and he is academically soaring in school. >> reporter: the british study published in lancet involved genetic analysis of dna from 366 children with adhd and 1,047 without the condition. the researchers found the
6:22 pm
children with adhd were more likely to have small dna segments duplicated or missing. >> we're a long way away from a cure. but this is one step know long path. >> reporter: the research shows it's not the parent's fault and it's not from too much sugar. >> for the critics who claim this is something made up by watching too much mtv, they are just wrong. and that's actually harmful. this is rooted in biology. >> reporter: researchers say they discovered adhd is not caused by one single genetic change. we still have a lot to learn before we can figure out a cure. the researchers hope that their findings really will help overcome the stigma that's associated with adhd that the disorder is somehow linked to bad parenting or a poor diet. >> this is incredible news. >> really is. >> gives people hope. >> i think you're right. >> good. kim, thanks. all right. here's what we have coming up in the next half hour. >> she took out the first
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piercing with relative ease. >> as everyone scrambles for meg whitman's nanny details, we are going to take a look at the sources of tonight's top story, the one and only gloria allred. >> and then the story of one good dog. keeping a bay area neighborhood safe and getting duly honored for it. matt, my mercury agent, helped me file a claim right away. turns out mercury not only saves me money, but they also cover medieval mob damage. they got my car fixed in no time. call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast free quote and start saving today. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means.
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we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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we are going back to our top story, a political bombshell dropped today. why is this coming out now? phil matier looks at the timing of the revelation and why it has so many potential repercussions for meg whitman and her campaign. >> reporter: dana, no matter what is at the root of this story about the questionable nanny, whether she was legal or illegal, how long meg whitman knew about it, it is what we call in the business a political hit. the point is to hit whitman. and the first indication of that, it's a classic issue, is the timing. >> i think the timing is very suspects. >> reporter: in this case, the allegations weren't rolled out until the day after the first gubernatorial debate. a debate in which most political analysts say newcomer meg whitman held her own against the more experienced
6:27 pm
jerry brown. the result? >> suddenly the next morning, the narrative in the loop is focused more on her issues with immigration and less with the substance of the debate. >> reporter: speaking of focus, painting whitman as some sorts of cruella de vil is custom made to turn heads and even the votes of women and latinos, two groups where whitman -- >> she was certainly cut into brown's lead. >> reporter: a good hit also raises questions about the candidate's character. >> sort of overall shaping of the perception of her as a sort of out of touch abusive sort of corporate elite kind of person who can't relate to ordinary people and the people who work for her. >> this particular, you know, piece of news could be bad news within the latino segment and we'll have to wait and see. >> reporter: but the main point of a hit is to put the other side on the spot. take them off their game. >> i don't think the veracity of the truth matters at this point. every moment that she spends
6:28 pm
defending herself defending what other people interject into the campaign is a losing proposition. she needs to be on the offense to be setting the tone and narrative and at this point she is in a sort of a defensive posture. >> if she loses control of her message, she has to play defense, and that's that throws the whole campaign off for a week or two. >> reporter: and it comes as absentee voters are voting by mail. >> this is not a surprise. we should predict we'll see more of these last-minute surprise, you know, events. >> reporter: and indeed chances are we will. there is a lot at stake in this election from the senate seats to the gubernatorial campaign, attorney general, lieutenant governor. we are going to see more of these. the real trick on these, however, dana, is the lasting of it. it's one thing to have a one- day story. the other thing is you try to stretch it out two, three, four. you have a whitman response. if there is something new tomorrow you can bet there will be a press conference tomorrow. the main thing is if you're doing a hit is to try to keep
6:29 pm
the cameras focused whether it's a hit on bill clinton or george bush, or on meg whitman. the other trick? for the other side especially the candidate to try to keep a distance make sure that it doesn't come back to look like therapy the one actually throwing the pun -- doesn't come back to look like they are the one actually throwing the punch. >> it's the voters' job to get to not candidate. that's what people are trying to figure out now. we learned that meg whitman hasn't voted in 17 years. now the allegations for the housekeeper. what's the voter supposed to take away in terms of the character issue? >> that's interesting. because meg whitman has spent upwards of $120 million most of it on television ads that we have all seen in which she is defining herself, presenting herself to the votersers. but weigh don't know is much about her personal life, the fact that she has two grown sons, her husband is a doctor what is it about her, what is her character? and that is what makes this a hit like this particularly dangerous for her because it could be defining her on its
6:30 pm
own. and raising questions about that character. character is something voters get to know over time and when you just show up as a newcomer you're much more vulnerable to an attack like this and believe me, the opponent knows it. >> her message on illegal immigration she has been very vocal about it. do you think that will change? >> it will be very interesting on that is the question along what she knew and when she knew it. if they come up with evidence or that she knew it earlier on that turns the story to a new direction which is the whole point. now this is all allegation to get attention and it's working. >> thank you, phil matier this wasn't the first time a gloria allred press conference sent the media into
6:31 pm
a frenzy. let's review the history of the source. tonight a look back at the last 10 years of the allred files. >> grounds exist in my opinion for the department to immediately intervene and take appropriate steps to ensure the well-being of mr. jackson's children under his custody and control. >> never one to miss a headline, after michael jackson dangled his child from a balcony in berlin, allred asked child protective services to conducts an investigation into that child's well-being. since the agency doesn't make its investigations public, no way of knowing what if any action was taken. >> it's an emotional time for her, her feelings are very complicated. and she has always said that this is a matter for the jury to decide and that god would be the ultimate judge. >> and no doubt about it, allred's biggest fish was amber frey. she represented scott
6:32 pm
peterson's mistress during the sensational trial. while chaperoning frey through hoards of media allred said it was her job to protect frey's reputation and privacy. >> it's not right that a young white celebrity female should receive the medical care that she needs in the l.a. county jail system but an older african-american woman who was not well known received inadequate and substandard medical treatment. >> now, this was an odd one. in 2007, allred used this brief paris hilton incarceration to speak out against what she called unequal practices in the los angeles county jail. a lawsuit was filed, we have not been able to find a ruling though in the case. >> we would dispute any notion that somehow their injuries were caused by mr. ryan o'neal's acting in self- defense. >> in 2007, allred jumped into the ryan o'neal family
6:33 pm
squabble. she represented the actor's son griffin after a bruising duel with a fireplace poker. criminal charges were dismissed ultimately in the case. >> she took out the first piercing with relative ease but the second would not budge. she tried to remove it and it caused her pain. still crying, she informed the tsa officer that she could not remove it without the help of pliers. and the officer gave her one. >> well, in 2008, perhaps her most titillating press conference to date complete with a mannequin demonstration, allred showed us how a woman was forced to remove her nichele piercings before boarding an airplane. the tsa determined the screening was handled correctly. >> we are reaching out today and hoping and praying that she will hear us and take the first step in helping confirm that she is my daughter. >> you remember him? that is ken slayton making an emotional plea to meet the biological daughter he never met. that would be jaycee dugard
6:34 pm
after she escaped 18 years of captivity in 2009. allred at his side, slayton threatened legal action if dugard refused to meet with him. ultimately he did file a lawsuit. a judge threw it out calling it disgusting and a sad commentary on our society. >> here in los angeles going to be meeting and then at some point we'll decide what the next step will be. >> most recently, it was the tiger woods infidelity scandal. allred counseled at least two of his mistresses rachel uchitel and porn star jocelyn jane. the ultimate result of that counseling, demands for an apology. mr. woods did not respond. >> and there was more but we figured three minutes was enough. after the break two award the first goes to this big guy honored for his bravery and his use of his teeth. >> and something to think about.
6:35 pm
>> how a bay area senior center is reaching the homebound and reminding them, community knows no boundaries. why did a play-off-bound baseball team hand out 20,000 free tickets? i'm dennis o'donnell. and the san diego padres ripped the giants and what they said and the giants' reaction coming up. wealthiest corporations. billn profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities. yes on prop 24. it's time to give us a break...
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools.
6:37 pm
but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now. pound dead bear on a san leandro sidewalk? that's what investigators are trying to who left a 300-pound dead bear on a san leandro sidewalk? that's what investigators are trying to figure out. a couple of people passing by spotted the carcass sunday night in fron of the a grocery store. the animal had a gunshot wound in the shoal. >> we in the shoulder. >> a white dodge pickup was seen speeding away from the store. state fish & game says there is
6:38 pm
no indication any black bears live near san leandro. it is currently bear hunting season in california. but it's illegal to dump a carcass and illegal to waste game meat. today the chp honored one of its four-legged officers. in january, dax and his handler were tracking a man who led police on a high speed chase when they spotted the suspect trying to break into someone's home. well, dax jumped on him and held him until the handler finished the arrest. police say the k-9 did exactly as he was told with no regard for his own life. >> dax unlike us, he provides assistance and backup to officer eddie and other officers without any concern for his safety at all. >> dax received a tasty commendation from the commissioner, a special roast beef and potato dog bone. however, it is inscribed with the commissioner's call sign. homebound senior sit veterans have a way to make
6:39 pm
friends and stay connected without leaving home thanks to a bay area woman with a bright idea. sharon chin introduces this week's jefferson award winner, who shows community is only a phone call away. >> reporter: rosalee of orinda suffers from multiple sclerosis and rarely leaves home. but she can still meet with fellow seniors several hours a week. >> it's a sense of community without having to get out of your house. >> reporter: rosalee joined this mind massage class by phone. the facilitator leads the discussion from st. paul's church in oakland. several seniors join the conference calls. the topic? favorite wheels. >> little tricycle, perfect. >> reporter: gerontologist terry englehart founded the phone program calling it senior center without walls. while running a senior program and referral program six year, he found a way to unite isolated seniors. she says three things happened. >> i went to a conference and learned about a program in new york city that's similar in
6:40 pm
that they offer class for seniors on the telephone. somebody donated $2,500 anonymously to my program and the third thing was that i went into a large store and saw a sign that said, cheap conference calls. >> reporter: today, senior center without walls offers more than 70 class a week. volunteers facilitate session from believement to ballet to bingo. >> we send out materials. everyone gets the big go cards. we have a volunteer on the phone calling the bingo numbers. >> reporter: the nonprofit's sponsors episcopal senior communities pays for the conference calls so more than 250 seniors can phone in toll free. they even travel over the phone. terry's son once called the conference line from new orleans while the seniors perused pictures he had sent. >> we take trips all over the place. we had a cruise once. >> all. >> reporter: terry takes pictures that the seniors will use in johnnie may poindexter's
6:41 pm
class on homemade quilts. johnnie may herself often calls in to other classes as a participant. >> we get to a certain age, we want to just think about ourselves and that's all. what's going to happen, when we're going to die and you get scared. so it gives you something else to think about. >> reporter: one popular class is called grath tuesday. the seniors give thanks for terry. >> she's a real people person. she has the ability to make us each feel worthy that our point of view or our comments are important. >> it's a lot of fun. i love doing it. >> reporter: so for creating a phone-based community for isolated seniors this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to terry englehart. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> and if you would like to call into a class or volunteer as a moderator with senior center without walls, use the link we posted on just click watch and listen, to find our story about terry. coming up in tonight's good
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question, the way the ads talk about it, sounds like common knowledge. so what the heck is a power train? come on along take a look at this. this right here, this is a sigh of relief. ah! the impact on your thursday forecast as eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. ,, [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer
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and i approve this message.
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at&t. rethink possible. you've heard the phrase. but what the heck is a vehicle's "power-train" when it comes to new have seen a few car commercials you have heard the phrase but what the heck is a vehicle's power train when it comes to automobile warranties? ken bastida with tonight's "good question." >> reporter: virtually every vehicle built for consumers comes with some type of factory warranty. some of the warranties are pretty good. and some of them are very good. >> you can buy an extended warranty that may go to 100,000 or more. >> reporter: ed railton a master mechanic at premier auto service in san ramon says most basic warranties will not cover things like hoses, belts and brake pads. they wear out under normal use and have to be replaced. what you want to take a close look at is the power train
6:46 pm
warranty, the big ticket items, because if they go it's going to cost you. engine. >> five to 10,000. >> transmission? >> 3 to 8,000. >> transfer case. >> 2 to 5,000. >> reporter: all of those components are typically covered under the heading power train and all those components will at some point require maintenance. often times to keep the warranty in effect. and that is up to you the consumer to know that. >> some warranties will let you do it yourself. others won't. but you definitely want to save receipts and read the fine print. some after market warranties would like you to change the oil every 4,000 where a manufacturer recommends every 7,000 possibly. >> reporter: i need your good question, send them to me at came across the golden gate bridge saw the fog rolling in. >> it's amazing because i was coming from the eastern portion of the bay over the bay bridge looking due west. i can barely see your golden
6:47 pm
gate bridge. i'm saying dana's out there somewhere. >> help me! >> it's like a whole different world, i imagine, when you're crossing the golden gate bridge, right? visibility is limited, in fact you have a little bit of a sneak peek for you. here's the city of san francisco where today's high temperature did top off at 73 degrees. that's down from 92 yesterday. so a 19-degree drop. but while we have a little bit of sunshine in that part of town, look at that golden gate bridge. shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog, in fact visibility is limited there. the temperature is now dropped to 59 degrees. a sea breeze is pouring in out of the west 10 to 15 miles an hour. patchy fog along the coast, barely able to see that sunset. otherwise we're still in the 90s in the inland areas. today livermore at 101. tomorrow down to 90 degrees. so you will feel the difference. san jose 93 down to 85. so today, we had significant cooling at the coast and into the bay. tomorrow, everyone in the
6:48 pm
inland areas will feel the difference. and it's because of the return of the stratus in the form of low clouds and patchy fog streaming inland at least 50 to 60 miles overnight. tomorrow morning sun-up at 7:03 and you will see a hint of it towards brentwood, tracy, discovery bay. otherwise the clouds peel back revealing partial clearing at the beaches. high pressure still the key component but it's breaking down rather rapidly. so with the return of the marine layer, your numbers tonight will stack up in the 50s to right around the low 60s in the almaden valley through alviso into alum rock. otherwise, peninsula highs 79 degrees in palo alto. but 85 in los altos. mid-80s in san jose. a little warmer than that in morgan hill and gilroy. otherwise 77 in union city. east of the bay, with the westerly at 15, numbers will span from 65 in richmond to the low 90s well inland. looks like a pair of 8s in concord through walnut creek and 74 in hayward. north bay numbers are, barely
6:49 pm
any sunshine. 65 in stinson beach. 20 degrees warmer with the full sunshine in sonoma through glen ellen. terra linda right around 78 degrees. there is the extended forecast. seasonal temperatures return by friday through the weekend. then we'll begin to bump up the temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. want to see something pretty fast? lee klein, from salmon creek beach stone hedge. i have never seen that there. have you guys? >> no. that's cool. >> wow. keep the photos coming to >> thank you. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11 clock on cbs 5, do you have a student loan? take a look at yourby . the sneaky way some lenders are making it harder to pay off your debt. ,, ,,,,
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6:52 pm coyle has the latest sour grapes or falling off the vine in san diego? the padres are now ripping the giants. kim coyle has the latest from at&t park where the giants are trying to make it two straight over arizona. >> reporter: all right, thanks, dennis. the giants appear to be in the driver's seat two games up with five to go. matt latos took the loss and
6:53 pm
afterwards took a shot at the giants telling cbs sports, quote, we could be like the giants and go and change our whole line-up, put guys with san francisco giants across their jersies, we didn't. we added two guys, we have been the same team all year, we haven't just gone and grabbed the guys from other teams. today the giants responded to those comments. >> have you heard those comments? >> well, i haven't heard those comments. i think every club if you look at them make changes. we have had some injuries but we have had some additions here that have given us depth. i'm grateful brian went out and got these guys and have made us a different club. >> reporter: he says sanchez is good to go but will be off tonight. tim lincecum will take the mound and looks to go 5-1 in the month of september. at at&t park, i'm kim coyle, cbs 5 sports. >> later should be ripping the giants, ought to be giving them credit. if the giants make the play-
6:54 pm
offs how fitting would it be if they face their old manager dusty baker? they celebrated last night. it's been 15 years cincinnati made the post-season and it's the dust buster's first trip since he managed the cubs in 2003. >> boy, i love this team. i love cincinnati. it's a dream come true to all. us, man i'm happy, [ bleep ], i'm happy. >> thanks, dusty. >> oh, you got love him. as and angels tied at one in the 11th inning. two out torii hunter off ziegler. one runner scores. anaheim has a one-game lead for second place in the west. you know, the as have lost six straight. they got swept in anaheim. and they can't wait to go fishing. there is no such thing as a free lunch but there is a free baseball game. the devil rays clinched a play- off spot tonight before 17,000 fans. that's it. it was so pitiful that tonight
6:55 pm
they gave away 20,000 tickets hoping to pack tropicana field for the tomorrow's regular home see so finale. that's what you call a lousy baseball town especially compared to at&t 37,000 for the giants last night. six year, former usf star tag bow say thought it might be -- he might be a key part of the padres pennant chase against the giants. instead his career took a bizarre detour. >> twins i was drafted by twice. then went to the padres to the mets to the cardinals as pirates. i was in taiwan and then most recently with the phillies. two dominican republic teams makes it ten. >> reporter: this isn't the way tag thought his career might end up as an all-american out of usf. he was on the verge of a callup to the padres when an exciting night in triple-a baseball turned ugly. >> pretty much just routine walkoff grand slam. >> reporter: he had ruptured
6:56 pm
his patella tendon at the home plate celebration. it was a one-of-a-kind injury until another player suffered the same fate this season. >> i felt my leg give out and kind of immediately i blacked out and was in shock. i didn't have any pain. but i could tell i fell on the ground and i could tell it was really bad. and, you know, at that point right when it happened just by looking at my leg, i thought it was done. >> reporter: he wasn't done. but his fight to get back on the field was not nearly as pressing as the fight his wife was going through at the same time. >> she was pedestrian got hit by a car on a foggy night. almost lost her life. i was in the dominican republic winter league. i didn't know if she would live or walk again. it was a spinal injury. with the unpredictability of it, she is pretty much a walking miracle. >> reporter: his focus is now
6:57 pm
back on the field. he healed and despite excellent numbers in the minor league a call at that time majors never came. it's a struggle for him to think what might have been. >> i couldn't still be playing if i dwelled on it, though. i still feel fortunate to be 31 years old with no major league experience and get a chance to play every day in professional baseball somewhere. i feel fortunate in that regard. in terms of why i have never been called up, i don't know. >> kind of strange especially considering he had 27 home runs and hit over .300 at aa reading this year. he deserves an opportunity. hopefully he will get it next year. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. cbs 5 sensitive skin runs in the family. oh, yeah. (announcer) gold bond ultimate soothing fragrance free lotion. soothes and calms irritation. fragrance free gold bond ultimate soothing.
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